Cheery Cheer!Since my early teens I have preferred diet soft drinks to the sugar kind. Back in the 80’s this meant that I was drinking Diet Coke, but as time has progressed the range of diet drinks has increased. With the advent of the Atkins diet, and mass sugar avoidance, I have been pleased to see that range explode. Now there is a diet version of pretty much any sugar drink you care to name. In the last year we have seen the release of: diet ginger beer (2 kinds), Diet Fanta (and sunkist), 3 more kinds of Diet Coke, and a favourite: Diet Cottee’s Coola cordial, which everyone knows is the best kind of cordial. Recently I have been very pleased to discover, in Coles only, that Saxby’s, makers of the best Diet Ginger Beer, have expanded their range with 3 new diet flavours which have no sugar analogue. I am talking about Diet Creme Soda (similar to Tarax), Diet Pineapple, and Diet Cheery Cheer.

I don’t know what Cheery Cheer is, but I like it. The front of the label says that the secret ingredient is fun, but it is not listed in the ingredients list on the side (possibly because it is a secret). Cheery Cheer does not taste like cherries, it is more like children’s medicine. There is something familiar about it, something from my childhood. It is a deep cherry colour. It is sweet. I rate it.

I am still waiting for diet chinotto.